Recent History

The Eastern Eqatorial State is one of the 26 States of Sudan and family among the 10 States of Southern Sudan. The Eastern Eqatorial State is also one of the 3 States, which constitute the Equatoria region. It was carved out of the former districts of Torit and Kapoeta on the basis of the 1956 borders. The State was announced by the GOSS on 22 September 2005.  Its government was formed in November 2005 with the appointment of County Commissioners followed in December 2005 with the swearing in of the Cabinet and inauguration of the State Assembly.

The Eastern Eqatorial State has been the epicenter of vicious civil war over the control of three garrison towns in its territory – Torit, Lafon and Kapoeta and major road corridors linking them by the SAF. Aerial bombardment and land mines virtually destroyed the infrastructure including road network, education, health and water and sanitation facilities. The State was also a primary staging base for the SPLA forces and several militia groups. The 1983-2004 civil war between the SPLM and GoS laid to waste large areas of land.